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Signature Course: Anti-inflammatory Kickstart Plan (aka The Food Allergy Formula)


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In Dr. Ellie’s signature and most popular course, you’ll learn:

*What you will love about our videos is that they were filmed at a local natural market! It’s like going shopping with the doc!

The Anti-inflammatory Kick Start Plan aka The Food Allergy Formula Program

Do you ever feel like you’re overwhelmed and “just do not know where to start” with trying to eat with food allergies or going gluten-free?

Not to mention that are you’re crazy busy! And the last thing you want to do is try and figure out what you can or can’t eat, right?
This is where I come in.
After my own struggles with “surviving” the learning curve with food allergies, and helping countless patients with food allergies, going gluten-free, and implementing an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. I created this course to help ease overwhelm so you too can realize how easy it is to eat allergy and inflammation-free.

What is the deal with gluten? The gluten protein is PRO-inflammatory so it is the fuel that sparks inflammation. Cutting it out can not only help digestive health issues but help pain and spark an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Say good-bye to pain!

In this self-paced course, I’m going to show you how you can master eating an anti-inflammatory diet, go gluten-free with ease, and if you have food allergies we will tackle that too!
I have super cool videos that I had special permission to film on location at a natural market. Think of it as a private tour and shopping trip with the doc to learn what to shop for and how to pick healthy ingredients, with ease!

This course is also perfect for you if:

* you are diagnosed with food allergies and don’t know where to start
* you want to go gluten-free and avoid “figuring it out all on your own”
* Are determined to learn how to incorporate an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and diet into your wellness plan
* are diagnosed with celiac disease, IBS, or other digestive health issues and want a kickstart plan and help getting started gluten-free with ease.

I created a formula specifically for those people who were recently diagnosed with gluten, dairy, or egg IgG allergies or find they are sensitive to those foods.

It is time to end the overwhelm and fight inflammation for good. Good health does start in the gut and knowing what to eat, how to shop with confidence, and truly making habits for sustainable health and wellness can be fun and easy!


Dr. Ellie

Your Instructor: Dr. Ellie Heintze

Ellie Heintze, ND, LAc, is a naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist with a private practice in Bothell, WA. She is a specialist in pain management, migraines, and gluten-free living. She is the director of a local nonprofit, The Pain Relief Project and the author of “A Starting Point Guide to Gluten-Free Living and Healthy Digestion” on Amazon.