Immune Boost

Ready for the cold and flu season?


I don't think any of us are really ready. 


But there are naturally things you can do to help support your immune system now!


  • If you frequently get sick
  • Work in a crowded office or school
  • "always catch whatever bugs are going around"
  • Have to miss work days because of the cold or flu


Then building up and supporting your immune support is key for overall health but especially to decrease your chances of getting sick.


When you take a personalized approach to your wellness plan, you get results that fit you. I have found in my practice that using integrated care is essential for sparking wellness and supporting the immune system.


That is why I formulated this wellness plan to give you all the tools your body needs to be supported.


The treatments that I found to be effective at supporting the immune system and building defenses against bugs are therapeutic injections using specific formulas a mix of homeopathic immune support or vitamins injected in acupuncture points. It works with the systemic nature of acupuncture to help the body heal and support immune system, providing a 1-2 punch at preventing colds. 


It's time to build your defenses, naturally!

Immune Boost
Immune Boost Rx
Immune Support
Immune Support

Immune BoostRx Wellness Package is available now until September 28th for special pricing options. 

Now is the time to boost your immune system!

Start today!

Now extended through October!


***After you choose which option works best for you and we receive your request you will receive an email from us with a link to access the Kitchen Medicine course. The tea and supplements will be provided at the time of your consult. Please call our office at (425) 686-4498 to schedule your Immune consult (and first injection) or schedule your time online at our online scheduler here under ImmuneBoostRx consult