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Online Courses Now Available!

Online Courses Now Available!


Online Health and Wellness Courses Available Now!

Check out our Food Allergy Formula: Online Course
Food Allergy Formula Online Course

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Have you been recently diagnosed with food allergies and are feeling overwhelmed?

I know first hand about how challenging it can be at first to navigate through the land of living with food allergies. Not knowing what to eat, how to plan meals, surviving the store, and changing my mindset about what is “normal.”

The Food Allergy Formula was designed to provide clarity and confidence in overcoming challenges in living with food allergies. Launching in a few weeks, the formula includes 3 courses designed to:
* Course 1: Provide clarity on what it means to be gluten-free, dairy-free, or egg-free, think food allergies 101
* Course 2: Shop with Confidence. Know what sections are your go-to, and how to quickly and effortlessly shop with food allergies with confidence.
* Course 3: 7 Day Meal Plan. I will provide sample menus, weekly meal planning calendars, and tips and tricks to prepare bulk meals that will last the whole week. Making eating with food allergies easy and fun!
• Also, included bonus worksheets, survival guides, recipes, and recorded webinar of Dr. Ellie’s Healthy Digestion seminar… and more!
If you have been recently diagnosed with food allergies or suspect you have them. Then this course is perfect for you!


For more information about The Food Allergy Formula, click here!

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